Heat Death (crazy from the sweat)

Alicia Frankovich
variations on The Opportune Spectator, 2015

08 Only a few fragments of bone, including the skull and fragments of rib. hand and vertebrae remain visible.

09 The final image is of a memorial structure upon which her Buddhist death-name is inscribed in Sanskrit.

06 The putrefying body is now carrion for scavenging birds and small animals.

07 The flesh has almost all decayed revealing the skeleton. There are wistaria flowers in blossom above her body.

05 Her body is decaying in the advanced stages of putrefaction.

03 In this painting, her body is out doors, naked apart from loincloth, on a mat, the lower part of which is folded up over her legs; her skin now has flesh tones.

04 Putrefaction has set in, her lower body is covered with loincloth.

01 In the first painting a court lady in a kimono is seated indoors at a low red table, with a scroll in her left hand, upon with she has written her farewell poem: she is pallid, and her expression is preoccupied.

02 Here, she has died, and is laid out on the floor covered to her shoulders with a blanket, with a lady and a gentleman in attendance.

Timur Si-Qin
An Expansion of Time Before Death, 2010
Digital video, 18min 54sec

Anonymous Japanese artist
Kusozu: the death of a noble lady and the decay of her body
Watercolour painting in 9 parts, ca. 18th century
(reproduction displayed)