Wow Tides

Aude Pariset
FX Tridacna, 2011
inkjet prints on rice paper, untitled Paint FX jpegs, spray paint

Lucie Stahl
Prayer Wheel (Peace Iced Tea), 2015
Can, aluminum hardware

Sam Pulitzer
Untitled (Hogg), 2011
Plastic ear gauge, steel, rubber

Richard Frater
Lure I and Lure II, 2015
Illex Sk-Pop Grande lure, Kristall resin cast figurine

Tina Braegger
The Real Jaguarundi, 2015
Welded black steel

With Tina Braegger, Richard Frater, Aude Pariset, Sam Pulitzer and Lucie Stahl

There will be a door into the space by Tina Braegger
an ear gauge in the wall by Sam Pulitzer
a giant shell installed by Aude Pariset
a lure hanging from the ceiling by Richard Frater
and a soda can affixed to the wall by Lucie Stahl

MAVRA is an artist run space in Berlin Kreuzberg, organized by Nuri Koerfer, Julian Stalbohm and Mark Soo.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Yours, Julian, Mark and Nuri

July 19th - August 23rd
Opening July 18th 6 - 9PM