Darcy Lange: Work Studies in Schools

A selection of videos from Study of Three Birmingham Schools
(UK, 1976, 1⁄2 inch video transferred to digital, black and white, sound, approximately 12 hours)
Organised by Simon Lässig

Exhibition 9.11 — 30.11.2019

This exhibition was made possible with the kind support of the Darcy Lange Estate and Mercedes Vicente.

Mr Hamburton, Physics, Ladywood Comprehensive School, 26 min

Mr Perks, Animal Farm, Ladywood Comprehensive School, 22 min

Mr Perks, response, Ladywood Comprehensive School, 29 min

Perks students’ responses, Ladywood Comprehensive School 8 min

Mr Brenton, Geometry Class, Ladywood Comprehensive School, 18 min

Mr Trott, English Literature, King Edwards Grammar School, 10 min

Mr Rigby, Biology,King Edwards Grammar School, 29 min

Mr Stead, Business Studies, King Edwards Grammar School, 5 min

Mr Hughes, The Wheel, Leabank Junior School, 21 min

Mr Hughes, response, Leabank Junior School, 25 min

Ms Hunter, Teaching the Infants, Leabank Junior School, 20 min

Mr Nagle, Roman Roads, Ladywood Comprehensive School, 23 min